Monday, 14 May 2012

Monday, Bloody Monday....

Has no one found a way to extend the weekend yet?

Is it really Monday morning?

Surely not!

Oh well back to it I go and this week is just as manic as last.
(I just hope I have the energy for it.)

Heres my outfit for today;

Dress - George
Shoes - New Look
Scarf - Blog gift

Nothing special but smart enough for meeting and comfy enough for my tummy after a rather large Sunday roast..

Hope you haven't experienced any Monday morning blues.

X x


  1. love that scarf a lot. I'm tired to 2 day weekends, they really need to lengthen them!

  2. I love tan leather accessories. I think they look really smart.


  3. I think I'd forgotten it was Monday until I read this, and now I feel all gloomy again! D'oh.

    Those shoes are absolutely lovely.

  4. Love the dress it looks very flattering on you.I love the shoes they are a lovely colour . xx


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