Saturday, 5 May 2012

Any One For Cricket?


Not the most flattering photos to follow.

If you are of a sensitive nature I suggest you leave now.

Well you can't say I never warned you!

Dress - Thrifted
Top - Too old to remember!

I kind of think this dress is like a rather ginormous cricket jumper!

But for lounging round the house it fits the bill perfectly..

(not an outfit I would venture out in, far too many lumps and bumps!)

Layered with a snug roll neck and high heeled boots I'm toasty warm.
(Which considering its May is rather shameful really)

Boots - River Island
(A Christmas gift from hubby many years ago!)

But is its all the same I think I shall pass on the cricket after all!

X x


  1. It suits you, you could wear it out.

  2. I love that! I have such a soft spot for cricket jumpers x

  3. I think it really suits you x

  4. love the jumper, looks so comfy! xx

  5. It looks really good on you. I'd love to see you wear to my eldest Son's cricket club!!

    Arwedd xx

  6. I love the jumper looks lovely and snug. I know this weather is pants at the moment!. I at least hoped to go to one boot sale.
    Have a lovely weekend x x

  7. well I blinking love that dress on you Trayci! You look great x

  8. I am more of a legging or trackie bottom girl for lounging, that jumper wouldn't do my hot flushes any good at all!


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