Saturday, 19 May 2012

Its Official........

I hate shopping!

Today I ventured into Birmingham to look for prom shoes for my youngest and oh my was it stressful!

And you all know how much I love shoes!

We spend 6 hours scouring shoe shops, trying hundreds loads of shoes on and still came home with none.

Thankfully the prom isn't till July so we still have lots of time to find the right pair.
(Thank the lord we managed to get the dress in America!)

Speaking of America can you remember that we had a caricature done whilst we were there?

And being the dozy dips we are, we managed to leave it behind?

We it arrived safe and sound.

Here it is;

I can't say it looks much like us but it is a lovely reminder of a fantastic holiday.

X x


  1. I do love shopping but not if I'm looking for something specific, not on a Saturday and not with someone else!

    But I do love it.


  2. shopping with someone else is such a drain. I almost throttled my husband while shopping for shoes.

  3. What a lovely souvenir!

    Birmingham was madness yesterday; where did you venture? We managed an hour and a half at Merry Hill before admitting defeat!


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