Thursday, 17 May 2012

Strong Powerful And Yet Still A Woman...

My outfit for my meeting today was this;

Blouse - Zara - thrifted
Trousers - Pull & Bear
Shoes - New Look
(Excuse the dishevelled look, I had been driving for over 3 hours)

A casual outfit, but I still wanted to look fairly smart.

As my meeting was one for female talent within the business.
Who knew I would be asked to attend?

And asked us about how we coped being a female in the work place and how our career aspirations were handled.

It was really interesting.

How do you cope with work and home?

I find it a challenge, my family have always taken first place and still do if they need me, but it doesn't mean I can't do a great job too.

And how do you feel as a woman, you are seen in your work place?

My thing is I don't want to have to behave like a bloke to get things done or to get promoted.
My own style gets good results and achieves all it needs.

Can I still be me, friendly and at times a little be scatty and also be successful in my role?

I hope so..

Because I'm not about to change now.

X x


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  2. you are rocking the strong, powerful look! nice that they created a meeting like that x

  3. Great blouse!

    I work in a predominately female profession (nursing) so I have not been in a minority like that.

    I haven't been particularly career orientated until recently, I think I had to find the right role.

    I totally agree that family comes first, but like you say, it doesn't mean you can't do a great job.


  4. It sounds like you do a great job managing both your family and your job, well done x


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