Monday, 11 March 2013

Cough, Be Gone!!!!!!

Ok, I know you have been with me for a while now cold and its not that I hate you, but more like I've had enough of you.

And after being turfed out of bed at 3am for coughing and keeping everyone awake, I finally have to say, as politely as I can....


To add insult to injury I now can't sleep and have watched the hours pass up until now.
Do you not know I too have to go to work?

Its not like I can even do anything productive either for fear of peeing the family off even more by keeping them awake too.

So if you see a woman looking a little crazy, mumbling under her breath and wearing sunglasses even if its snowing, do not, I repeat, DO NOT approach because that crazy looking mofo might be me!

And after no sleep, I will no be pleasant!

X x


  1. Take care of yourself - what a pain it is to lose sleep over a cough.

  2. Ah bless you I hope it buggers of for you today!. I admire you the way youkeep going especially with work etc. You are a strong lady x x

  3. Hi there-wishing you a speedy recovery and I hope you had a lovely Mothers day too xx

  4. Poor you, coughs are such a pain. I hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. I hate having a cough and also hate it when anyone else in the house has one! Who invented them exactly? Hope it goes soon! xx

  6. Poor you, I know how that is a while back I had flu and could not even get out of was horrendous.

    Hope you feel better soon Trayci x

  7. How rotten! Hope you feel better soon x

  8. You poor dear! I hope you get better soon. I remember having coughs like that, and now that you've reminded me of it I think I'll try to remember to pick up some cough syrup to have on hand at the pharmacy - and hope they don't look at me oddly because I want to get it without needing it (yet). I always read the labels and/or ask the pharmacist which one will let me sleep (or better yet help me sleep, if there is such a thing without a prescription). Sorry for the run-on sentence. I get sleep deprived myself often but for other reasons. It's awful being sleep deprived - and acting odd or erratic as a result would be understandable.
    I hope you get caught up on your sleep soon in addition to getting better!


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