Friday, 15 March 2013

Thank The Lord It's Friday........

This week has been a very odd one.

What with being ill, loosing my voice completely and now hubby having my lurgy too, it's fair to say sickness has been the main focus.

Not quite a red outfit but my take on it!
Dress - good old eBay
Cardy - M & S
Belt - River Island (off a dress)
Shoes - New Look

But in true trooper style he has battled work today to attend a meeting and is insistent that he will go in tomorrow too rather than take precious time off when he's not well enough to go away.

As for me?

Well today I have managed to get a load of work done from a local store rather than drive all the way to Head Office and am feeling much, much better.

I will pop in to see my mom on route home for a cuppa and a natter.

Blurry Photo - all me!
Necklace made by by eldest
Blossom and Bloomers

It's so nice having her home.

Then tonight will be sat in front of the telly enjoying watching comic relief.
(yes a box of tissues will be needed as I always cry my eyes out when I watch it!)

But before I go I have to share this clip that I saw on Me and my shadow blog.

If your as old as me it will really make you smile and remember how it was in our youth!
And again for fear of sounding like my dear old granny, how simple life seemed, not that it was of course.

Rose tinted glasses, don't you love em!

X x


  1. My main focus is how great you look in that printed dress! Hope your family gets on the healthy bus soon! Take care! -Bella

  2. God, tell me about it, I've been in denial almost all week, finally admitting defeat and going back to bed this afternoon. I'm never sick!
    You don't look ill! Have a fab weekend and look after that man of yours. x

  3. Hi there! Pleased to hear you're better, that dress looks great on you!


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