Monday, 4 March 2013

You Give Me Fever......

Its official........ I feel like poo!
(not that I know what poo feels like, but you know what I mean!)

After a terrible nights sleep, one minute shivering the next burning up I woke feeling terrible.

I have a fever and a headache, toothache and a sore throat, so its fair to say I am feeling rather sorry for myself.

Unfortunately I had meetings I couldn't cancel so like a trooper I did my 2hour drive and attended everything I should.

However the journey home I paid for it.

Hardly able to keep my eyes open and now I am just about to go and snuggle up in bed.

Lets hope tomorrows better.
Night all.

X x


Please be kind, remember we are all friends here.
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Love and lipstick.
X x