Saturday, 1 March 2014

Pinch, Punch, First Of The Month........

Please don't actually do any of that as I am still rather fragile to be fair.

Dress - Tesco
Shapeless but due to my tummy wrecking today it was just what was needed.
I think my feet have quite forgotten what shoes are!
Gosh how pale am I!? Think I may be reaching for the fake tan rather soon.

Would you believe its March already?
This year is passing by quickly (I must be getting old!) and February was just a blur.

Yet more beautiful flowers, a gift from my sister along with a book on her visit to see me.

And of course happy St Davids day to all my Welsh friends.

Today my kind daughter and her boyfriend are doing all the jobs I am currently unable to.
Cleaning out the chucks, hoovering, ironing and changing the beds.
Which considering Ash has a cold to equal man flu is very much appreciated.

Trouble is nothing beats doing things yourself, your own way.
Not that I am ungrateful fro all they are doing, I truly am.
And truth be told I think they are rather enjoying it, well maybe not cleaning out the chucks but cooking definitely.

I can't wait to be fit enough to bend and lift again.
Even lifting a full saucepan or moving or rather large iron is still a no no.
(frustrating when they have left it in the middle of the lounge! Don't ask.)

But for now I shall (try) to sit back relax and enjoy not having to raise a finger.
Well they won't want to be doing it forever I'm sure.

X x


  1. I'm kind of in disbelief that it's March, I have no idea where time is going xx

  2. I had wondered where you had disappeared to! I've just caught up on your posts since the 21st. Welcome back and glad to hear you're on the mend and resting. Sounds like you won't be allowed to do anything, which is just as it should be. You obviously have a very lovely family, who care for you deeply. Take care!

  3. Lovely roses and a pretty dress. Love the start of Spring, it means lighter nights and warmer weather (hopefully!) x


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