Friday, 30 September 2011

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

Blimey is it really Friday already?

Flip me that week went by fast.

Heres my high and low lights of the speedy week;

The Good
Great Weather

This beautiful weather has to be in the good doesn't it?
Who would believe that it is October tomorrow?

Kind Gifts

Not only physical gifts like my new bag but the gift of lifts and time that people have been so kind with.

The Bad
Being Sooo Busy!

This week has been a crazy one and to be fair I am feeling it today!

The Ugly
Missing Trains And Train Delays!

I sooo miss not being able to drive.
It has made my days and journeys so long

It didn't help this week that I missed one of my trains as a meeting ran over and on another journey a train was running late causing me to nearly miss the next!
(which when a journey includes 3 changes would have been a nightmare!)

As for this weekend, I shall possibly go to a national trust property, enjoy my families company and bask in this good weather. (if it lasts)

How has your week been?
What are your weekend plans?

X x 


  1. I miss driving at the mo as I need to get a car.x

  2. Your weather was even on our news Must be weird for you guys to have it so hot.I feel bad that your dealing with public transport ewww

  3. I'll be tackling the weeding if the weather persists :O)
    Love the new bag and isn't it wonderful to know you can rely n people when you need help. That's grand :)

  4. Public transport, huh? I've never driven and I'm delighted I no longer have to rely on it for the daily commute, used to stress me out something rotten.
    Hooray for the good weather, I shall mainly be getting drunk. x

  5. Yay, go and have a lovely relaxing weekend National Trusting and enjoying the rest of the sunshine.

  6. Hi my dear-enjoy the weather and your family this weekend xx

  7. i hate public transport! Hope you're enjoying the good weather this weekend x


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