Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Away Yet Again!

Oh the glamourous life I lead!


I am yet again staying away from home.  This time due to Competition judging.  Every year our stores take part in a Christmas competition which could win them a nice amount towards there store funds, normally this goes towards a fantastic Christmas bash! 

The next two days will see me out and about with my colleague judging the stores.

So tonight I shall be staying here;

The Premier Inn, Peterborough.

Yet again another hotel, which at least is free and a free meal too.
(There are always positives!)

Lets just hope I don't have any strange folk walking into my room this time eh!

X x


  1. Hi sounds like good fun. I expect you will get tea & biscuits every stop!. Dont forget the shampoos ! & teabags etc!x

  2. I quite like Premier Inns. Let's be honest, anywhere where someone else will tidy up after you and there's a big free breakfast is good in my book!

  3. which store do you work for? x


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