Friday, 4 May 2012

Food For Thought.... And A Gift Or Two Or Three Even...

Food is so expensive now and like most people we are forever thinking and planning our meals so as to be able to eat well and cheaply.

With that in mind here was the meat for our meal last night;

A huge turkey and I do mean huge, it was so big it very nearly didn't fit into the roasting tin.

We have striped the meat down and now have enough to do14 meals to feed all three of us
  Not bad for £5 eh?!

I was also given this by a very kind man at the allotment;

We have named it the parsnip of power as, it to is huge. 
I shall blanch this and freeze some ready to roast in honey and mustard.

The bowl has loads of purple sprouting broccoli, given to us by my father in law.

Nice cheap easy meals for the next few weeks I think.

As for my gifts.....

I received my fabulous give aways from the very kind A Thrifty Mrs;

Not one, not two but three beautiful necklaces!

I have had to fend my youngest off them.

Thank you hun I love them.
X x


  1. Hello :-) I came to your blog through Arwedd! That turkey looks yum !

    1. Hi Rachelradiostar, thank you so much for dropping by. I do hope you will stay a while.

      Your post today made me chuckle, seeing all your comments on the blogs. Northern mums actually had me giggling out loud.

      X x

  2. Oooh that is a good idea with the Turkey!!

    Gemma x

  3. huge bird!! Funny we never think of eaing turkey apart from xmas. Like pancakes. I love them but never think of having them except on pancake day!

    1. I must admit we are normally the same, but at that price it would have been madness not to buy one.

      My lot like savoury pancakes as well as sweet, so they do make an appearance at times.

      X x

  4. those are gorgeous necklaces xo


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