Friday, 18 May 2012

If The Shoe Fits....

Tomorrow I have promised to take my youngest to look for her prom shoes and I know that even though I have a real love of shoes, it may well be a painful experience.

Lets hope I'm wrong!

We have been looking at lots on the internet but as she doesn't wear heels that often I feel she really needs to try before we buy, as the saying goes.

Here are a few she has been lusting after;

Both pairs are Kurt Geiger and very lovely.

  She has also taken a liking to a selection of Nexts shoes too.

Looking at all these lovely shoes made me want to wear some thing other than my plain black work shoes, so today I have worn these;

Shoes - River Island
Gift from my youngest.

Not my usual work attire but it made me smile.

X x


  1. Just make sure she wears gel inserts! I find they make SUCH a difference x

  2. I love all those shoes.

    I think if she's not used to heels then platforms are great. She'll get the height but not the massive bend in the middle of her foot.


  3. wow Trayci your shoes are gorgeous I just couldf not wear them in the day....

    Both the shoes your daughter loves are stunning x

  4. Good Luck. It is my daughter's Prom next year. I have been saving up for two years!!!

  5. Love your River Island shoes, gorgeous! Your daughter should go for the KG's much nicer than Next x


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