Monday, 7 May 2012

Move Over Shrek...I'm Being A Stick In The Mud...

Today I have managed to get dirty....

(clean your minds it's not at all what you think!)

I've been allotmenting.

lettuce in the green house...

Broccoli and purple sprouting broccoli. 


White strawberries looking a little worse for wear!

Lots of tomato plants, (two types) Beetroot, Sunflowers and Lobelia 

My Fetching footwear!
Admit it your jealous really!

One of our water butts which is filling nicely due to this horrid weather.
Our Fruit frame awaiting netting.
Two of our strawberry polly tunnels and fruit bushes.

Our train like shed/cold frame along  with another waterbutt.
All off that patch is filled with potatoes
Yet more potatoes are planted where the bottles are on the canes.
Garlic, onions and parsnips are growing under the frames.
And carrots are planted in the wicker baskets.

Hidden under all the sticks are our mange-tout .

Our Rhubarb plants.

The strawberries hidden under the cloches.

A few of our fruit trees.
We have raspberries, gooseberries (minus the babe please!) and blue berries.

Under another of our cobbled together cold frames is yet more salad, spinach and radishes,

So it only seemed fitting that I ended my day with mud too.

A mud face pack from the dead sea.

I may not look stunning but my skin feels fantastic and I am happily shatter from the fresh air.

Hope you all had a good day too.

X x


  1. haha great photos and love the mud pack one you are so brave posting a photo like that I don't think I could xx

  2. Hi looks like you have been very busy. I did chuckle I thought you had put allotment soil on your face! till I saw dead sea face mask written. I thought what you been upto!
    I love face masks. I do try & do 2 a week. I love the skin peely ones to.
    x xx

  3. everything seems to be coming along nicely! xx

  4. Very exciting! Would love to have an allotment : )



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