Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Pinch, Punch, First Of The Month

Can you remember that saying?

Takes me back to primary school.
(The things that make you smile eh?)

Well at last its May and I have to say I am quite glad to say goodbye to wet, windy and cold April.
I only hope May will be kind to us.

I wanted to share my fabulous win with you.

Sent by the lovely Angela at Tracing Rainbows.
Please take a moment to visit her lovely blog.

Unfortunately I wasn't in when the postman tried to deliver it and had to collect it from the local office which is normally a 5 minute job.  That said this time it was crazy busy! I think everyone had sent parcels to beat the price increases.

So once again a huge thank you to Angie, I am using my beautiful bag today to carry my folders for work.

And on a different note I seem to have lost a follower, very careless I know!

So to said follower, I am very sorry you have gone and hope you may return one day.


  1. Very nice especially the book x

  2. So glad it all arrived safely. I lost a follower this week too. Maybe someone is spring-cleaning their blogroll?

    blessings xx

    1. Your parcel made my day Angela, thank you so much. Everyone commented on the bag today.

      I think you might be right about people spring cleaning their blogroll. I'm hoping to get to 100 at some point in order to do a nice give away.

      X x

  3. What a lovely package. You are very lucky.


  4. It's hard not to take it personally when you lose a follower isn't it? I always start to wonder whether it's because I'm too facetious maybe, or not funny enough, or too depressing. Still, if people can't take you for what you are you don't need them anyway!!
    Well done on your win!!

    K xx

  5. shame on your lost follower. Boooo :(
    What a gorgeous parcel to receive, such goodies!
    I forgot that the prices are going up, urgh.


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