Sunday, 13 May 2012

Who'd Have Thought Eating Tea Would Be such a Hassle!

Like many families, (and I am not saying this is the right thing to do) we tend to eat most of our meals during the week from a tray on our laps.
(They go on a plate first of course!)

The dinning table is used at weekends when I have time to cook much nicer meals.

But trying to get to it this week is proving to be quite a challenge!

The reason is this;


In fact loads of plants.

They have spilled onto the floor and even the window sills.

I know they will be worth it for the lovely home grown food and pretty floral displays I will get.

But trying to lay the table is proving some what of a challenge!

X x


  1. My kitchen table is always covered with something. Never a table cloth, plates or crockery!


  2. Those plants are coming on a treat! We almost always eat from the kitchen table (usually with at least one cat lying on it and invariably some VW engine part). x

  3. plants are looking good! They're going to do great things when they make the jump outside

  4. cant wait to see all your harvest. Thats amazing all the lovely seedlings x x


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