Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Straight back To The Grind Stone!

After having a few hours yesterday to recover today I returned to work.

Although I am not quite with it enough to drive I have opted to catch the train to Cardiff, rather than even attempt the two and a half hour drive! 

And would you believe that I am yet again staying away from home?!
(I'm sure my hubby is feeling well unloved poor chap!)

I have training sessions to deliver, a meal with one of the top bosses to attend and a store opening to get through tomorrow. (bad planning on my part I feel as wine and jet lag really do not mix)

But never mind I will soon have the weekend to recover and spend a little loving time with the fella to be able to show him that I have missed him lots really!

X x


  1. Looking forward to here about new york. Glad you are taking a train just to be safe especially if you are jet lagged still. Dont work to hard xx


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