Friday, 24 February 2012

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Completed!

Yes I did it!

And to be honest it was surprisingly easy too.

Here are the pieces I chose;
Dress - ASOS, Top - New Look, Skirt - H&M, Top - River Island, Jacket - Next, Trouser -  Miss Selfridge
Boots - River Island, Heels - Primark, Flat shoes - Debenhams

I only went for two scarves;
Both gifted.

And I even sorted jewellery to make it easier for the mornings;
(5am alarms really are no fun!)
All either gifted or been with me a while.

So how did the outfits turn out?

Like this.....


I had quite a few meetings on Monday mornings so kept it simple but smart.

I lost the jacket and added my white blouse.
I did start the day with a belt on but as you can see my top kept sliding underneath so it had to go.
It was fun too to be able to keep changing the way I was wearing my scarf.


Wednesday saw a complete change.
Again smart enough for a day of meetings.


Off site so a little more casual.
I think the shoulders poking threw the top made the outfit slightly edgy along with the boots.


Fridays are dress down Fridays at HO but I still like to be reasonably smart as I had to take my sister to the hospital first thing before driving the 2 hours to HO for a few meetings

I love the detail on the back of the top.
(Its just a pain covering up your bra strap!)

To make it feel a little more casual I added one of my favourite scarves.
The great thing with this was I kept changing how I wore it.

You will notice that my flat shoes are no wear to be seen. I have to say I did wear them whilst running between meetings so they were worn. But slightly undercover may be!

I am well pleased how it turned out and its really made me think of how I shop my wardrobe.

So a huge thank you to Jane for setting up the challenge.

That said I am off to a party for my friends hubbies 50th tomorrow and I will be very happy to get dressed up.  Lets just hope I manage to stay awake for it!

As for tonight?
Well I'm off to change into my PJs!

X x


  1. wow great!. I would be hopeless at putting together a capsule.

  2. so glad you enjoyed the challenge.some great choices

  3. well done with your challenge! You did really well and I love the variety of outfits you came up with.

  4. Well done you, you got some fab outfits out of that little lot! x

  5. I like the pleated skirt look the best. You did well with your choices.

  6. Wow, what lovely, sophisticated outfits! Well done :-)


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