Sunday, 12 February 2012

Reasons Why I Love Him....

  Keeping the loving theme going here are just a few of the reasons why I love my man.

Because when everything else around me is crumbling down you stand firm and protect me from the debris.

Life likes to throw curve balls when you least expect it.  I know that you will be around to help protect me and our family no matter what.

You chose me!

It didn't matter what people said, about my past and even that I already had a child. You listened only to your heart and took a leap of faith.

Because we are in it together.

Be it good or bad we are always in it together. United we stand and united we shall fall. 
(lets hope no falling is needed!)

Your my best friend!

I can tell you how I feel, scream and shout when I am cross for silly reasons and even cry if I need too.
Your the first person I want to tell good news to, the last if it's bad as I don't want to hurt your feelings. The only person I want to snuggle up to and to ever see my wobbly bits!

That must be love surely!?!

X x


Please be kind, remember we are all friends here.
I love getting your messages, they brighten up my day and will answer any questions as quickly as I possibly can.

Love and lipstick.
X x