Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Oh The Shame!!

Working is hard!

Especial when you have to drive around in this......

A new BMW5 series!

I would love to say I was keeping this as my company car but I only have it on loan for 2 weeks.
(Oh I shall be enjoying driving this for the next few weeks I can tell you)

My actual company car, the one I've been waiting for for over 18 months, (not that I'm bitter much) will be available then and I shall be getting a Honda Accord 2.2i. (Means nothing to me!)

And I can't not mention the fact that from today I will be giving up chocolate and crisps anything up for lent!
(Not looking forward to it much!)

Well chow for now, I'm off on a drive out...
(Shame it's to work!)

X x


  1. chocolate AND crisps? You brave but crazy lady!

  2. Wow - good luck with giving up chocolate AND crisps! lol I hope you don't mind me asking but what job do you have? I've seen you mention it a few times on here recently but couldn't work out what you do : )

    Gemma x

  3. That's a pretty looking car! Your are one brave lady giving up chocolate and crisps! X

  4. Not keen on chocolate but crisps, for a month? Very commendable. x

  5. I gave up chocolate for lent once...I managed it but it was hard! Lovely car xx


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