Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sunny Saturday..

What a beautiful day!
It's lovely to see new life in the garden

The sun is shining and I feel as happy as a sand man.
Can you spot the lesser spotted Whiskas?

I lay in bed till 10am! 
(naughty I know but so needed after a very busy week)
Always the poser!

I've cleaned the house, hung out the washing and inspected the garden.
The pots should be colourful before we know it

If only I could remember what they are?! lol!

Now I'm off to get a birthday card and gift for my dear friends hubby, who will be celebrating his 50th birthday tonight with a Scottish theme party.

I'm so looking forward to getting dressed up, but I really need to dye my hair before I go.
(I also need to get my fringe cut as I really can't see! unfortunately that won't happen till next week)

Here's what I'm wearing to run my errands;

The only down thing today is the huge spot that has just appeared!


Hope you are all enjoying this glorious weather too.

X x


  1. The sun makes you feel so much better doesnt it.
    Have a fab time tonight and you can hardly see that spot.

  2. don't worry about your spot, nobody will notice. Have a great time tonight x

  3. I think I need a close up of the shoes- I love that caramel color and the heels are intriguing! The cat is quite a charmer- great picture.

  4. Spots always appear when events are occurring X

  5. Damned zits! They have a habit of cropping up when you least want them. Your garden looks wonderful, Whiskers is gorgeous adn I'm loving that Chinese statue. Hope you had a great night. x


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