Friday, 3 February 2012

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

Yep another week has passed us by, amazingly quickly if you ask me!

However this week I am pleased as it means hubby will be home, yeah!

So heres my recap of the week.

The Good
Catching up with loved ones

It was lovely to see my mom who came over for Sunday lunch along with my eldest.
A true girly get together.

My new hair do!

Is it bad that I am really chuffed with it?

Loosing a few pounds

In weight that is. I just need to add to it now.

Birthday cake

Whats not to love!

The Bad
Leaving a job I love

Last week saw me finish my role. Although I will be continuing for the next few weeks to finish what I started it is still really saddening.

The Ugly
Was saying good bye to hubby

That said he is home tomorrow!
(So now I will soon be a happy bunny.)

Having the cold from hell

If I'm honest I think I must have man flu!

Heres to next week.

Hope you have had a good one.

X x


  1. Oh this is a lovely entry - glad you are getting your husband back and I love your new hair x

  2. good to know your hubby is returning soon. I hate being away from mine. Hope your cold is getting better by now x

  3. Happy belated birthday to you- and I like your haircut.


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