Friday, 17 February 2012

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

Firstly I am sorry for being missing in action!

It felt so strange not to be blogging but life and work has just got in the way! 

Never fear though normal service is about to resume and here's why this week was so manic for me.

The Good
Spending time with hubby

Although the week has been manic I have at least been able to spend it with hubby.

Finally finding out why I am so shattered

I have been absolutely shattered for a while now and have put it down to the long hours I work and all the driving.  That said last week I had my bloods taken and the nurse called last Saturday to ask me to go in to see the doctor. I must admit I expected it to be my iron level was low but that was not the case. I have an under active thyroid, for which I have been prescribed tablets, my folic acid is also low and my liver count it high! I will need a blood test again in three months for my liver function so lets hope it sorts itself out!

The Bad
See above!

Whilst its good to know whats wrong its also a little worrying too.

Mega long days

It has been a busy stressful week, with a hectic work schedule and just not enough hours in the day.

The Ugly
Not having enough time to spend with Ashleigh during half term

My girls are the most important people in my life and I have hated the fact that I haven't had time to spend with Ashleigh whilst she's been off school.  Now like most teenage girls her social calendar is very busy and we have had a house full of teenagers staying over twice this week but its not the same as being able to spend quality time together.  Luckily Kassie has been a life saver and stayed over whilst Andy and I were away with work as well as taking her out for two days. Thankfully she is off uni and able to have girly days with her sister.

Actioning my very last store opening

Thursday saw me actioning my last shift in my training officer role. Whilst it felt very sad, the team were fantastic and made it the best one to finish on.  The management team thanked me in there speech and made a huge fuss of me too.

Staying in Fawlty Towers

Oh my life!
The place was horrid, mould on the bathroom ceiling, holes in the bedroom ceiling which were bunged up with loo roll and even nail clippings on the bedside cabinet.  Never ever again.

Phew I am glad that week has been and gone I can tell you.

X x


  1. Hello!

    Wow the week does fly by...your friday posts come around so quickly.

    I hope you get better soon : )

    Have a fab weekend!

    Gemma x

  2. Ugh, that hotel room sounds gross. You poor thing! Pity you couldn't have finished in the Ritz, eh?

    K xx

  3. That hotel looks disgusting! Hope you get better soon X

  4. If it is any consolation, I deal with blood test results most days and liver function is one that often corrects itself by the time you have the next test!

    Much love x

  5. That hotel is disgusting, i hope you complained.
    Glad your tiredness is treatable.I know what you mean. I have missed spending time with my DD this half term.Shes been working from home for the last 7 weeks and ive hardly spent any quality time with her and ive really missed it.
    Did you do the training all over the country at your new stores or is it region specific?

  6. what a week. Hope the tablets balance you back out again my dear x

  7. Hi glsd you got some time with hubby.
    I hope the thyroid gets sorted out soon. I am not surprised you have been tired out. Your work sounds like its pretty full on coupled with the thyroid.
    That hotel eeewwwwhh. You normally get lovely ones when you go on your work stuff x x have a lovely weekend

  8. Thanks guys,

    Yes I normally have lovely hotels so it was areal shock to have such a horrid one! I won't be going back thats for sure!

    Thanks Laura, the doctor said that it normally sorts its self out. It was just very high, instead of being 33 it was 94! I shall be retested in three months so lets hope it lowers by then.

    X x

  9. Hello there, not sure if I have said 'Hi' before but I am an avid follower of your blog :). I too have an under-active thyroid. Had it for 11 years now after my last baby was born and each year my dose of medication grows larger to correct it. I also put weight on around my middle like you but even after 10 years I have not been able to shift it:( . I too have very little energy and feel cold all the time, just got used to it now. I hope yours improves but sadly I wouldn't be surprised if like me you are stuck with it for the rest of your life. Pleased your work life is going down a gear and hope that helps you to get better. Take care. Sue x x x


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