Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A Day In A Million..

Ok so not quite, but it is a special day as its the 29th February and they don't appear that often!

So how have you spent yours?

More importantly have any lovely ladies proposed?

Whilst I can't be doing that, hubby might have a thing or two to say if I do!
Mine has been mooching around Sheffield.

I have been working honest!

I was looking the customer service and how some of the stores deliver it.
(Hubby just thinks its an excuse to shop!)

Then it was such back to the midlands to take Ashleigh to a college drama audition.

One thing I have brought, but this was during the weekend was this,

The Take Away Secret Book.
A bargain at only 99p!
(The works had to at half price)

It has been a firm favourite on sites such as Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert site.
(and if you don't visits this site you really need to, its a must for anyone wanting to save a few pennies and be super frugal!)

We have cooked the chicken chow mein and it was super yummy!

I would very much recommend it.

X x


  1. I have that book,try the chicken balls and sweet and sour sauce.delicious

  2. I've been meaning to buy a copy of that book for ages - I'm off to Amazon right now to do just that! x

  3. Maybe next leap year i'll propose! (current boyf & I have been together just under two months) x hivenn

  4. Great book I love the Money Saving Expert site x


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