Monday, 6 February 2012

Snow Days.....

What a weekend!

One minute it was just cold the next it was covered in the white stuff!

Scuppered my belated birthday celebrations with hubby I can tell you.

Never mind eh!

I have quite a drive today and I hate driving in the snow it I'm honest.

So I'm off to deice and too push all of the snow off the car and set off with plenty of time to spare.

Take care what ever you may be up to today.

X x


  1. I hate driving in the snow as well.go careful

  2. i love the snow, but i hate driving in it, well the snow is ok as i drive a defender...but it's the ice that worries me. I mean no vehicle is made to go on ice!

  3. :) to answer your question, i sleep over at a ladies house, she has cerybal palsy and lives alone (with her dog)so i help her to bed, stay over night and help her up in the morning,ive known her for about 15 yrs and as she has got older and her parents died she now has carers come and help. So i do 2 nights a week, sometimes 3, walk her dog, take her shopping etc, which is one of the reasons i'm giving up my ice cream job, it's just too much stress when i can be doing something much more re-warding xx

  4. so cute! Driving in the snow is the worst!

  5. It didn't stop us going out, nothing stands in the way of a good night out!


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