Monday, 20 February 2012

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

I have decided to join Jane over at The small fabric of my life in her capsule wardrobe challenge.

You see many posts where people can only where the capsule wardrobe they have picked out of 30 days, like Kendi and Sophie who both do it brilliantly. 

How ever I aim to begin small and 5 days will be me dipping my toe into the challenge ocean.

The rules are simple;
Between Feb 20th and Feb 24th you need to choose 10 items from your wardrobe including skirts, dresses, tops, knitwear, shoes to mix and match.
You can add five accessories such as scarves but hosiery, jewellery and underwear is not included.
Outerwear is not included as it is still very cold.

Here would have been my items of choice, hover a flat camera battery put pay to that idea!

They are simple work pieces (Honest) as I have lots of meetings this week and need to look smart and be comfortable.

Well wish me luck and I shall (try very hard to) keep you updated daily.

X x


  1. Good luck! I do enjoy a challenge :)

  2. you'll do great Trayci, looking forward to seeing what you come up with x

  3. Good luck!

    Gemma x

    P.s I'm holding a giveaway if anyone is interested


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