Saturday, 11 February 2012

Valentine Preparations..

Yes its that time of year again when we show the people in our lives just how much we care.
(Should we not be doing that everyday anyway????)

We don't spend lots of money on this event, as we know how much we care anyway but we do a token gesture instead.

I really have no idea what to do this year!

Last year I made him these;

Cheeky bottom cookies!

They went down very well.

I could make heart cookies or cupcakes or even chocolates but I would like to do something slightly different.

Any advice or ideas?

What are you doing to show your affections on valentines day?
(keep it clean! lmao!)

X x


  1. those cookies ae so funny, haha! I'm doing nothing, just exchanging cards. Going for a meal two days early tho ;)

  2. The cookies are hilarious! Have a good weekend:)

  3. They are possibly THE cutest cookies ever.

    We aren't doing anything for Valentines, we never do so it isn't any worry.

  4. Those cookies are FAB!! I haven't had chance to send much quality time with my husband so it would be lovely to dig out our cook books and choose some of our favourite recipes to cook together, however it would be great to take advantage of the Marks and Spencers meal deal! If I had the time, I would find out what the Number one record and news headlines were on our first date and get them printed off for a Valenteine's keepsake xx


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