Thursday, 9 February 2012

It's A Hard Life!

Finally this evening I will sleep in my own bed snuggled up to hubby.
Nothing quite beats it to be fair!

And whilst the past few days have been work its also been an lot of play too..
So difficult to get a good picture!

It didn't help that it was so cold my hands wouldn't stop shaking!

Its amazing what a bunch of managers and trainers get up to when playing working at Centre Parcs.

The chalk board when we left.
It always amazes me how many people feel they need to get bladdered and then end up being ill when the CEO is talking! Not the brightest career move in my humble opinion!

X x


  1. Nice to see you had a good time but you can't beat being at home X

  2. No matter were you go nothing beats being at home :-)

  3. i love getting back to my own bed after being away :) Glad you had fun, oh and now i know who you work for lolxx

  4. I just tagged you for a questions tag


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