Tuesday, 3 April 2012

And Out It Comes Again!

Watch it you dirty minded people!

I meant one of my favourite dresses.

You know how you tend to have a dress that is just so comfy to wear?

Well this is mine.

In fact I wore it this time last year to here.

Whilst we had that glorious sunshine, (Seems like a distant memory today!) this time I paired it with a bright pink belt and my sparkly shoes.

Well a girl can never have too many sparkles in her day can she?

And yes those pasty white legs also made an appearance.
(Someone pass the fake tan stat!)

X x


  1. Hi my dear- a really cute dress, loving the print and colours! xx

  2. Once again I have shoe envy!

  3. dress is really pretty, love the sparkly shoes! x

  4. I like the colors and your style.

  5. Lovely dress. I have a favourite from Joe Brown's but it never looks as good on as I imagine it should.


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