Saturday, 7 April 2012

Let The Preparations Begin...

So I have been quite busy preparing for al the family on Sunday.

The first batch of Hot Cross Buns has been baked;

The second is in the oven as I type.

The cards have been made;

Leaving only the envelopes to write.
(Oh I'm a poet and I didn't even know it! Laughs a real belly laugh)

So all I need do now is finish my normal cleaning routine, iron the tiny amount of ironing.
(Very unusual as its normally the size of Mount Everest)

And pop into the shop to get the remainder of my veg.

And I think I may need to clear the table as at the moment its full of these;
Sweet peppers and chilli peppers

Lupins, marigolds and lavatera

Sweet peas

Cucumbers, sweetcorn and more chillies.

I think they may need to be taken to the allotment to join the others.

Here is the outfit for this wet and windy day;
I am having a bad fringe day today, can you tell?
Just comfy jeans to keep the chill out and don't worry shoes and socks also made an appearance.

Enjoy your Saturday.

X x


  1. Those hot cross buns look amazing. Love your casual look, too x

  2. Well done on baking your own buns! I have Asda ones and I have to say they beat M&S, so soft!

  3. those jeans look great on you. those buns look delightful, very impressed you made them yourself :) x

  4. Wow, I've not even eaten a hot cross bun yet this year - let alone made my own! Good work!

    And your 'bad fringe' would be mine on an excellent day - hence why I'm growing it out again!

  5. Those buns look perfect. I bet they taste good too!


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