Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Casual Attire....

You know those days when you really just want to be comfy?
And for me comfy/casual can often mean jeans which for work is a big no no.

So I needed a work style casual.

And in words of Barney Stinson...

So I had to adapt my usual comfy to this...

Jacket - next
Top - dorothy perkins
Trousers - topshop
Shoes - debenhams
Scarf - thrifted

Trayci comfy!

Not jeans but still comfy enough to feel casual whilst still being smart enough for work.

And also keeping me warm in these icy conditions too.
(Well all but my feet that is!)

Challenge completed!

X x


  1. your scarf is so pretty! x

  2. I'm gonna have to learn to adapt like this for work! What a great compramise, it looks great :)

    e x


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