Friday, 27 April 2012

For The Woman Who Means The World To Me.....

This is for the lady who gave birth to me,
Wiped my snotty nose and dirty bum.

For encouraging me to be independent and unique,
And helping with my home work.

The lady who put up with my tantrums,
And stood by me when most turned their back.

Welcomed me back home when it all went belly up,
And never said I told you so.

So to my mom, I wish you a very happy birthday;

And as always tell you I love you so much for just being you.

X x


  1. Happy Birthday to your mum. What would we do without them xxx they are so precious.Like you I tell my mum I love her everyday xxxxhope she has a special day

  2. That was nice,Happy Birthday Mrs Please May I


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