Thursday, 12 April 2012

And Who Says Customer Service Is Shocking!

We hear so much in the press and multi media about poor customer service that I just had to post about exceptional service that I have had of late.

I do feel it so easy to condemn and people do it with ease, yet never think about saying well done or thank you.
(Blimey I must be getting old, I sound like my gran!)

My First thank you is to Wagamama, 

from whom I had a voucher card to take into their store to redeem.
For what I did not know and as the local store is in the centre of Birmingham I asked my eldest (who works in the centre) to take it and redeem it for me.

Bless them I won a sauce which they said they would post to me.

My second thank you is to Nice And Easy.

I have used their products for many years and have always been happy with them, however on this occasion the gloves inside the pack were awful and kept slipping off. Resulting in dyed nails as well as hair.

I dropped them an email to say how awful the gloves were and within minutes received a very sincere apology and the promise of a voucher.
(Not the purpose of the email but very gratefully received)

And yesterday morning both appeared at my door;

A yummy sauce and a £10 Voucher!

So whilst bad service is about and is very common, so too is good service, which should be also noted.

Who has given you great service of late?

And would you ever say thank you either verbally or by letter/email?

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  1. i agree i don't go back to shops if i get bad customer service! i hate it!! I watched a programme recently where a lady constantly emailed companies and said if she liked/disliked the product and she got loads and loads of vouchers in return! it was almost like a full time job to her!! haha

  2. That's great! Once you've been to America and experienced their customer realise how bad some shops are here!!


  3. I will always complain if i get bad service but i will always send praise when its due.

  4. It's good to know that great customer service it not entirely dead. I find that the smaller companies and individuals offer better service, so it is nice to read that companies such as these are making the effort.
    I am generally so surprised by good service that I will make a point of acknowledging it.

  5. It's always nice to get good service, but seems rarer these days than ever. Have had an appalling experience with Tesco only today. Am still awaiting the call back they promised before 12 noon regarding my complaint, and it's now almost 5 pm. Shocking.

  6. people are so quick to moan when something goes wrong so its always nice to see some positivity about a lame situation x

  7. Its great that you have positive things to say. I do think in the country the customer service is terrible but there are some good shops with good service x


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