Sunday, 22 April 2012

A little Bit Of DIY....Second Attempt!

Well bugger me!

I had written my post, uploaded my pictures and clicked post when, yes you guessed it, it disappeared!

Naughty blogger!

I have attempted a little bit of DIY.

Turning this;

A cheap thrifted shirt.

Into this;

A casual shirt, Trayci style..

Update.... The back now has a slightly deeper cut out which I think looks better.

What do you think?

X x


  1. Have you taken the sides in too? It's a great colour especially with the jeans. Can you do a pic of the back with a 'normal' arm pose, I cant visualize it properly.


    1. Yes of course, i'll let you know when I have updated the post.

      X x

  2. I never do DIY, I'm not creative like that. I like what you've done here! Love those jeans too x

  3. Love the writing of the header, so true ;p
    Would you gice me your opinion on my fashion drawings visiting my blog? I'll be happy to read what you think =)

  4. How very clever updating the sgirt. It looks great with the green jeans.
    Hows your jogging & healthy eating going? I find it hard to not eat naughty things x x


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