Monday, 9 April 2012

How Do You Enjoy Yours?

No not your cream egg!

Your Bank Holiday!

Do you do the traditional day out?

Braving the traffic.

Or go off to the sales?

Braving the queues.

Or the more frugal stay at home?

For us we shall be staying closer to home and enjoying each others company.
(Watch it, I didn't mean that! But you never know, wink wink)

We may spend some time up the allotment should the weather stay nice.

Or perhaps watch a film or two if not.

But what ever we do I can assure you not a penny will be spent.

For today shall be a NSD.
(No Spend Day)

But still be a LOFD.
(Lots Of Fun Day)

X x


  1. hope you have a lovely day! xx

  2. Weather is miserable here,.Ive been to work, done a basket full of ironing for a customer and now dont want to do anything.Hope you have had a fantastic weekend.

  3. don't talk to me about gridlock!!!! Argh, never again.

  4. As our lives are normally so busy I prefer it quiet with lots of films.

  5. We did not do much it was just so nice to be off work as its manic at the moment. Hope you had a fab time x


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