Tuesday, 17 April 2012

That Strange Feeling....

Isn't it strange that I feel bad for not posting for two days? 
I mean it's not like anyone is going to tell me off, most people only post every few days. But for me I missed not saying hi. 

So what have you missed?
Well not a lot to be fair!
Sunday consisted if Allotment, roast dinner, allotment and running. 
(Well I say running, when what I actually mean is moving a speed whilst resembling a demented elephant.)  

Sunday also saw me bite the bullet and rejump (not literally!) on the scales. Shocking is all I have to say, hence the running and sensible eating.

We have now planted potatoes and mangetout. In the green house we have planted little gem lettuces and it is still full of seedlings, doing very well I might add. And I repotted up my tomatoe and beet root plants. We even made a cane store. 
(Well I say we, meaning of course the royal we as all I did was hold the canes!)  

Yesterday consisted of meetings and so too does the rest of this week, seeing me all over the place like a crazy lady. 

We also have Ashleigh revising hard ready for her next batch of exams. 
Who would want to be a teenager eh?   

Anyhoo enough waffling.

As today is peeing it down and the sound of heavy rain awoke me at 5am this morning (on the one day I didn't need to be up at that time too,typical) I'm not feeling as bright as I should. 

But in an attempt to make myself feel better here's my outfit for the day; Practical and appropriate for the meetings I had. 

Roll neck - Primark
Dress - Primark
Jacket - George
Shoes - Primark
A very cheap but warm outfit!

 So how was your weekend? 

 X x


  1. love that dress Trayci! It sounds like you've got green fingers. 'We've' got some seeds a-growing too, exciting to see them changing so quick. Our beetroots have never succeeded, hope you have more luck than us.

  2. How good will you feel after a summer of running and eating your own veg!

    I love the design on the blazer, gives it a nice edge.

  3. ah you look cute but warm, it's freezing here at the moment! actual Frost in April!! I know what you mean, ive been slacking with posts But i'm on it now. haha

  4. I love your dress! I had a much needed quiet weekend! x


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