Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Trying To Be Lady Like...

Now that is a big ask of me, I can tell you.

Today I have been presenting to many of my "Big" bosses and therefore wanted to look the part;

Dress - Juian McDonald (Debenhams)
Shoes - Barrets

Hense the very grown up look.

I must admit to it making me feel very confident whilst I was stood at the front with lots of eyes on me, which is very scary thing at times.

Unfortunately I now have a presentation to do for the owners of the business....

What ever will I wear???

X x


  1. That's what happens when you're too efficient at presenting! You always look great and really professional so I know you can find just the right outfit.

    I love the cobalt blue on you. It really suits your colouring.


  2. love the dress and those shoes are knockout!! x

  3. Great dress! I love it.=)


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