Thursday, 19 April 2012

Come Rain Or Shine....

But I'd rather have the shine if its all the same, as long as its not my face thats shining that is!

Who left the tap on?

Some one must have, because the weather is horrid.

Plus it really doesn't help us ladies (by that I mean you and me) know what to wear for the best.

So as I have (yet again) more meetings today this was finally what I settled on;

Suit Jacket - Next (great buy as its lasted me years)
Dress - Oasis
Shoes - Primark

Nothing to exciting but smart enough I think.

Well you can't beat a LBD.
(which in my case stands for a Large, Black, Dress!)

How have you been coping with this constant rain?

The only good thing is my water butts (no large derrière jokes thank you) have been filling up nicely and the allotment is looking very healthy.

X x


  1. The weather is a nightmare! So glad I don't have to get dressed for the office, its been back to boots and winter coat with a hood for me!

  2. its actually been dry here today (after raining for ever) so i could take some pics of pretties ouside, bu i looks like its about to bucket down, just as i have to go and walk some ones dog. Waterproof tousers will be coming with me!

  3. I ended up with soggy trouser hems yesterday. I wore cropped ones today, cold but dry!

    Thank you for being my first and only follower Trayci.


  4. You look fab I do love that outfit x

  5. I love that outfit - both with and without the jacket.

  6. you look stunning, the lbd looks so classy on you and i love the belt tailored jacket.. fab! lb should be lovely black dress i think, as mine isnt little at all lol!! xx


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