Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Ok, the reason this outfit came about was that I had nothing to wear.

Its not that I don't have masses of clothes, oh no. 
It was quite simply the fact that nothing was ironed as my ironing pile resembles this;

This isn't actually mine, as mine may be even larger!

So  this outfit was born.

An outfit that proves more than anything I really need to be on a diet.

So I have dusted off the weight watcher books and this afternoon I shall plan the weeks meals.

Belly, thou shalt be gone!

And come our summer holiday I shall looks slimmer once more.
(Well at least I'll try)

X x


  1. I never used to like ironing but now I get paid for doing other peoples!.
    I love the pink cardigan. I tend to wear bootcut jeans as I am comfiest in them.
    I found my new year diet fell by the way side!.Its hard having the willpower. I always think you look lovely in all your outfits.
    I find if I keep a food diary it helps me stay on track ( not completely though!!). Do you have choccy from easter left ??!

  2. That shade of pink looks amazing! x

  3. Hard to see why you need to loose weight!!
    Im the same as Mrs No spend, i get paid to do other peoples.i must be mad.

  4. Lovely colour. I am following WW too. Good Luck.

  5. you look hot in hot pink lady! Sometimes lack of our usual suspect outfits help us dare to find new loves! :P

  6. haha love the pile of washing! I hate dirty washing in the house so the washing machine is on a lot in our house. I love seeing a line of clean clothes....how sad am I!!!

    LOve the cardi.......the whole outfit is lovely x

  7. Slimming World for me - lost 2 stone so far! Just off to do some swimming at 7.30pm - will delay my eating! lol! Nice to meet you.


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