Friday, 13 April 2012

Forget Story Time.....

This is recipe time....

As this weekend focused on chocolate for most people, one of our deserts over the weekend also centred around chocolate.

A very sweet  chocolate gateaux.

The remaining half after Easter Sunday.

With a little surprise in the base.

Popping candy!

I used Heston's Exploding Chocolate Gateaux recipe but only used two of the passion fruits.
(At 75p each no way was I using 6!)

And I didn't get the paint sprayer out either.
(Honestly thats what it asks you to do, an you imagine? My kitchen would have been painted in chocolate. Now I come to think of it thats not a bad idea!)

I was lovely even if it was sickly sweet.

I am sure the kids will soon polish off the rest during the holiday.

X x 


  1. looks very lovely indeed, easter always scuppers any weight loss for me!xx

  2. Sickly sweet isn't *always* a bad thing...

  3. I love that popping candy and of course I like anything chocolate x


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