Thursday, 31 May 2012

And Again Please.....

Today involve more of the same.

Lots of filming, doing the same thing over and over again from multiple angles.

A long, long, day.

But I am sure it will be worth it in the end, at least I hope so.

Today as we were out in the sunshine rain speaking to customers I had to be suited and booted.
(Far too muggy and damp for corporate attire I can tell you!)

So how pleased was I to be able to change, unfortunately today it wasn't into this;

Top - Dorothy Perkins (years old)
Short - Peacocks (years old)
These were from the weekend when I lived in shorts.
(Come back sunshine!)

Flip flops - Clarks (almost 16 years old!)

I'd like to say that wasn't cellulite but I would be oh so fibbing

Cool and relaxed rather than tight and stuffy.

Today I am sat in pjs after a warm shower and a yummy tea.

I am well and truly shattered now, as is Whiskas by the looks of it.

4am alarm calls are not good for anyone and in my humble opinion should be banned.

Night night all.

X x


  1. 4am? That's more last night than this morning, you poor thing.

  2. I love how natural the photos are and Whiskas is so cute x

  3. I love your hair in these photos x

  4. My son came in at 5am this morning after sitting his last AS exam yesterday. I can't believe you will have been up for an hour by then.

  5. lovely sunny pics! like the pig tails :)

  6. Oh Trayci, I can't tell you how gorgeous you look in these pictures (and Whiskas isn't too bad, either). Bring back the sun! x

  7. Aww, your cat is sooo cute :).

    Sadie x

  8. P.S. Your hair looks lovely too x


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