Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly....

Has it really been a week since our holiday?

Are you sure we actually went away?

Saturday has arrived extremely quickly and another week has vanished in thin air.

Here are my high and low lights of this vanishing week;

The Good
A week free from exams

Its been lovely for Ashleigh to have a exam free week and be able to just chill out with her friends.

A four day weekend to look forward to

How lovely is it to know that you have no work for almost a week?

The Bad
Achy Feet

It might sound crazy but after spending 14/16 hours constantly on your feet on a very hard floor my feet are wrecking. Thank the lord for the fantastic foot lotion my in laws brought me from the dead sea, it does wonders.

The Ugly
Nasty People

After my incident on Monday with a horrid fella, it has well and truly left a bad taste in my mouth and made me question the morals of others.

A Smashed Green House.

We  knew it might happen but that doesn't mean we wanted it too.
Some delightful youths threw house bricks and smashed four panes which we have now replaced with perspex. A £50 bill we really didn't want.

So how has your week been?

X x


  1. So sorry to hear about your greenhouse. There are some terrible people in society, it really does make you question them.

    I hope you enjoy your long weekend!


    1. Thanks hun. At least its all mended now.

      Hope you have a good one too.

      X x

  2. Aw, hurrah for Ashleigh and a much deserved exam free week! xo

    1. She's rather pleased too Laura. Her next one isn't till the 12th June now so other than revising she's enjoying her free time. I just wish she'd tidy her room at some point too!

      Have a great weekend hun

      X x

  3. You came back from holiday with a bang.My daughter has now finished her exams and has 2 weeks with no homework and revision and she has or still is tidying her bedroom(s)and i didn't have to ask either.Enjoy your weekend,

  4. awww I wish some people would get some respect and not damage other peoples properties! Some people make me so mad x

  5. A hectic week here, so grateful for the bank holiday and the half term week x

  6. hurrah for the good but boo for the bad and ugly. so many nasty people around :(


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