Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Bringing a little colour to a dull day.

Yet again the sun is playing hide and seek. This time it's winning too as no matter how hard I try it does not want to be found.

So I have added my own little bit of colour to brighten up my work day.

Who says that being corporate has to be boring?!

Dress - River Island
Years old.

Belt - thrifted
It is a black patent bow belt.
So still corporate right?!
Well kind of. Black and white to a degree I feel.

My pop of colour?

Scarf - Thifted
It comes in the shape of a very bright orange purple and pink scarf!
Not so corporate!
I even think it fits in with my hair color too.

Shoes for the day are what my daughter calls my gangster shoes;

Shoes - New Look

Cute detailing on the front.
Much smaller heels than I usually wear but supper comfy it has to be said.

So until the sun gets bored with hiding I shall make do with my own bit of colour.

X x


  1. beautiful dress! :D


  2. Looks fab... I'm all for adding a pop of colour. Looks super smart.

  3. That scarf makes the whole outfit, it's beautiful and perfect with your colouring. A genius addition to an otherwise safe dress. xxx

  4. gorgeous! love colour pops x

  5. Hi there-a lovely chic outfit, the scarf is perfect with it! xx

  6. The scarf is inspired. I love it!

    Can I make a cheeky suggestion? It'd be fab to see your photos a bit bigger and I know Blogger isn't that helpful when it comes to picture sizing. It's dead easy to resize them using the HTML code - just give me a yell if you want details :)

  7. Thanks guys.

    Alex - I shall do that for the next outfit post. (expect a frantic email if I get stuck, so thanks in advance!). X x

  8. Looking lovely oh and your hair does look nice with the fringe. xx

  9. fab look. The shoes and scarf are awesome!

  10. nice dress and scarf!


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