Monday, 2 May 2011

Happy St Georges day

Happy St Georges Day

Ok, so you think I have gone crazy but I can assure you I've not.
(that happened years ago truth be told!)

When St Georges Day falls so close to Easter the church move it to the Monday after Easter week, hence today is not only bank holiday but St Georges Day too!

Bring out the Red and White,
(What a patriotic few days these have been!)

And let's celebrate instyle.

(Strange to think our patron saint was Roman and probably never visited Britain!)

It's a shame really that we do not make a big thing of today.I think at times we are afraid to celebrate such things in case it is deemed as unacceptable to others.
Today always reminds me of my father.
His middle name was George and he often used to tell us the story of St George.
It's amazing that after 16 years I still miss him like crazy.
So I shall raise a glass to my pops as I know he's with me in spirit.

For St Georges Day,
I intend to have my own celebrations.
I have made red and white cakes.
And I think I'll have a Pimms or two. 

And as for my outfit well judge for yourself!

Dress - New Look years old

The red and white theme is definitely covered!

Ray Bans - Gift
Bracelet - Oasis Accessories are simple.

Shoes - Monsoon

Again years old wedges but still going strong.

So a happy St Georges Day to you and yours.
X x 


  1. I'm sure St George's Day was on the 23rd of April. I know they had St George's Day celebrations on that day in our local pubs and I read here that it was on the 23rd

    Anyway enjoy your day whatever you do.

  2. I didn't know that the church moved it when it was so close to Easter! Mind you, I don't think Easter has been so late for a good while now so that's probably why.

    Love your outfit! I'd like to see more people wearing roses on St George's Day. I wish we celebrated it more/better.

  3. I can understand hgow people will be confused but hopefully this will help explain a little more. The 24th was in deed St Georges Day however the Church of England calendar has created a 'second' St George's Day this year by moving celebrations to 2 May. This is because Easter, decided by calculations involving the moon among other things, falls on 24 April, and so the previous day is Holy Saturday.

    I'm not really a crazy nutter honest! Well maybe a little ;)

    X x

  4. I only found out this year that Easter Saturday is actually the Saturday after Easter Sunday, and the Saturday between Good Friday an Easter Sunday is Holy Saturday.

    I think you can miss people forever so 16 years is no time at all. Last week saw the 30th anniversary of my dad dying. I do miss him still.


  5. Thanks for your lovely comments. Your frock is just gorgeous and I need some wedges like those!
    Kandi x

  6. Looking beautiful! I need some of those wedges in my life.
    I had no idea about St George's Day being moved. When we came back from the airport last weekend there were loads of parties going on outside the dodgier pubs in our area. Onbviously nobody told them either! xxx


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