Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Wet, Windy And Wonderful All Rolled Into One.

Yesterday was a complete wash out!

The weather spoilt any chance of a family day out.

So what to do on a wet windy bank holiday?

Well in our house after a mini tidy was ironing,

Very boring but a must.

Followed by a picnic in doors of which I have no photos as we ate it all!

A Little bit of exercise to burn off lunch,

And a trip to the IMax to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean.

Then back for more yummy food.
(Again no photo!)

So after a rather disappointing start it ended up being a wonderful day with lots of fun had by all.

X x 


  1. Ah, bet you feel brilliant for getting the ironing done!

    Well done on Scafell - brilliant time! Some of the girls I'm doing the 3 Peaks with went up Ben Nevis this weekend, and it's still snowing!! :( Remind me what date you do it? We're 24-25 June!!

  2. The weather has been rubbish here too :(

  3. Don't mention the I word. I have two giant boxes to do and I'm dreading the prospect of it. I think we have too many clothes.

  4. The weather was terrible here too it really spoils your plans does'nt it!

    I actually like ironing....I know I am sad!! ha ha


  5. Was the film any good? I find that the best days just happen... I love those days :O)


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