Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

Yes another week has past us by and it's time to reflect on the week that was.

The Good

Our 16th wedding anniversary.

An extra day off work.

Finally getting my hair cut.
(long over due!)

Getting an interview date for the job I applied for.

The Bad

Snowdon mark 4, always hard work.

The Ugly

My Aunt passing away.
She had dementia and was not really here for a good many years however that never eases the pain that you feel. Still doesn't help that my mom is still away and will not be back for the funeral.

Hope your week treated you well.

X x


  1. Sorry about your Aunt, my Grandma suffered with dementia but it was still a wrench when she died in her 96th year. xxx

  2. Sorry about your Aunt lovely lady.

    I cant get over how amazing your hair looks. Stunner.

  3. So sorry about your aunt, it's always sad. I hope your mum will be ok missing the funeral too.

    Great news about the interview, good luck!

    I was wrong and think your fringe looks fantastic!


  4. sorry about your aunt. your hair looks great though.

  5. How sad about your Aunt :(
    I love you new hair do!

  6. The hair!!! Must have missed that post. I eat my words about not getting a fringe - it looks amazing!!

    Exciting news about the interview too. Fingers crossed for you.

  7. That really was a week of good and bad. So sorry to hear of your Aunt's passing.
    Good luck in your interview - keep everything crossed but your eyes :O) x


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