Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Wet and windy, the weather that is not me!

Where has that lovely sun gone?

Whilst today looks sunny the wind is howling and the rain is ready to "pee" it down.

It's the type of weather that creates an issue when you are off to a meeting and not very sure how far the car park might be!

So this is what I have decided on:

The dress was a bargain purchase a while ago from Oasis reduced from £50 to £12!
I would never have paid £50!

Accessories I kept to a minimum.
Chunky silver bangle and patent belt plus of course very high heels.

Really need to remove the poppy!

Layering for the weather I opted for my M & S bargain mac, purchased last year for £15.
Also my £2 scarf from New Life.

And whilst I love my bed sooo much I have had to do my running first.
This is what I was wearing, not the most flattering but does the job!

Have a good day folks.

X x

PS. Thanks for all your concern for Ashleigh. X


  1. Fantastic dress. What a bargain!


  2. What a chic office look. I've always been amazed at how much Oasis reduce their clothes by and still manage to make a profit. xxx

  3. thats a chic dress, also that mac is timeless, what a bargain!

  4. Brilliant bargain lovely outfit xx

  5. I hate gym gear but I also refuse to spend a lot on it so my gym look isn't a great one by any means! And it's all about what's under the gym gear and inside your body, isn't it? Best Wishes to your poor daughter too - what a crappy thing to happen! :(


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