Friday, 13 May 2011

Away with the fairies!

Well away with hubby actually.
(Don't think he would like being called a fairy!)

We're should be now in sunny (I hope!) Scotland for a few days, so normal service will not resume untill Monday/Tuesday.

Hopefully over the next few days I shall be climbing Ben Nevis, a little nervious about this one!
Enjoying great company and great food, whilst having a little chill out time I hope.

Hope to fill you in when I get back.

(hat a pain blogger has been eh!)


  1. have a fantastic time, scotland is so beautiful.

  2. Impressive! And, as a Scotland resident, I'd like to apologise to you for our weather. Changeable doesn't even cover it right now!

  3. Hi my dear-hope you're both having a wonderful time!! xxx

  4. have a wonderful time! =)

  5. It's Wednesday! Please tell me you aren't stuck up Ben Nevis....


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