Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Not Quite New, But New To Me!

I always get excited when I buy some thing new.

And at times the things aren't actually brand new, but just new to me.

Like this H&M top I spyd in the local charity shop;

Jeans - ASOS

A whole £2 it cost. Bargain I say.

I also spotted this necklace which I instantly fell in love with.

Again a whole 50p. Bargain number 2.
Dressed up with  fancy earrings;

Earrings - New Life

A bright bangle;
Bangle - years old

And a favourite pair of shoes,
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins

Fantastic bit of shopping without braking the bank, which is a good job as it's empty. Thankfully it is payday on Friday!

X x

PS. Update on Ashleigh, she is fine thanks. Think she needed the break away as much as we did what with the mugging and exams stress too! No news from the police and still awaiting news from the insurance but looking promising that her phone will be replaced soon. A huge thank you for all your concern. X


  1. Wow I love your top and the jewellery and necklace especially!! I love bargains and am addicted to charity shop bargains lol! You look fab in it. Thanks so much for taking time to read my article through Laurens lovely blog, it's very much appreciated :) Oh I'm so sorry to hear about the mugging etc. That's awful. I hope she is ok? :( ƸӜƷ x ƸӜƷ x ƸӜƷ

  2. What a fabulous outfit, I'm mot sure what I love more, the kaftan, the jewelelry or your fabulous shoes. xxx

  3. Hi my dear-wowser bargains, the H&M top is so pretty and I love the necklace too! Pleased to hear Ashleigh is getting better too xx

  4. great stuff, great prices, great styling and a gorgeous look altogether.

  5. I think Vix stole the words out of my mouth. Top, necklace, shoes - all amazing!


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