Friday, 6 May 2011

Happy Anniversary Babe.

 16 years ago today hubby and I said "I do" and made the biggest commitment either of us could.

Andy not only gained a wife but also a very strong willed little girl too.

As we really had no money to spend it was a real family affair.

Our Invites were home made with a baby picture of me on one side and Andy on the other.

As were the orders of service, table planners and name settings.
The dress was a gift from my mom and dad, just wish he would have got the chance to see me in it..
My mom did the flowers and head dresses as she was a florist, our friends did the music and sang for us while we signed the register.
And we had no church fees as Andy's dad was the minister and married us.

The day itself was beautiful with the sun shining down on us all day feeling more like mid summer than May.

We had thrones, due to it being so hot!
(What can I say other than the Beckhams copied!)
Andy's dad marrying us seemed a little strange, especially when he compared it during his sermon to Aston Villa winning the cup as he felt so proud.

Lots of confetti was thrown.

And lots of kissing was happening!

Shows that we were happy to be man and wife.

The setting at Patsull Park was stunning.

My little girl looked lovely and I was so proud.

In fact all of the children behaved so well all day, even the two tiny ones who wouldn't stay still to have photos taken. In fact one of them went to sleep that how impressed they were bless em!

My mom even made me a replica bouquet to keep as my fresh flower one I placed on my fathers grave the next day.

It has been lovely to look back at that happy day and remember the feelings I had.

As for tonight, well if the weather stays nice we shall climb Bageridge and sit down with our picnic and bottle of bubbly and enjoy.

If not then off to a restaurant we go.

Lets hope it stays nice eh!

Here's to the next 16 years.

X x


  1. Awww that's so, so lovely. Happy anniversary to you both.

    You haven't aged a bit! Love all those photos of you, especially the one of you and your beautiful daughter.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Your wedding looked fantastic and you and your daughter looked soo pretty!
    Kandi x


  4. What a lovely, lovely post. Happy Anniversary x

  5. Hi my dear-congratulations and a very Happy Anniversary too, wonderful wedding pictures too!! xxx

  6. Thanks for the lovely comments. It was a very eventful day yesterday but that's for another time! Never managed to get out for our meal. Typical eh!

    X x

  7. Aw, gorgeous! I always take heart from strong, lasting relationships. Good on you guys! xx


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