Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fishy Feet!

Not the best of titles granted but it tells it as it is.


Well the first experience that Ashleigh and I had at Sherwood Forest was to have a fish pedicure, which sound incredibly gross I know.

However it was one of those things that I had been wanting to try for a while and this seemed the perfect opportunity to do so. 

After settling into our cabin and a relaxing swim off will popped to the aqua sauna to greet the fishes.

The treatment itself involves placing your feet into a tank of Garra rufa fish.
I know that the treatments have been at the centre of a media storm due to the potential risk of infection so I was careful to research if we should take part or not.

It was a very strange experience.

When you first place your feet into the tank the fish rush excitedly to your feet and quickly get to work. At first it feels like an explosion of bubbles, once they settle you experience a slight pins and needles sensation. Not unpleasant but unlike anything I have experienced before.

We sat for 20 minutes whilst they eagerly got to work on any of our dead skin.

The result was very soft feet. Not all the hard skin was removed, but for me that was good as I need some to protect my feet whilst walking and climbing silly mountains!

I would definitely have it done again.

Ashleigh on the other hand is not so sure!

X x

PS  Firstly excuse the poor photos, for a strange reason it will not let me upload the proper ones! May I apologize for not leaving comments but blogger has been a pain in the bum and not allowed me too!


  1. Blogger is being a pain at the moment!
    I've always wanted to try this treatment... one day I will.

  2. Blogger IS a pain at the mo! I had this done a few months ago and couldn't believe how much softer my feet were afterwards, might go along after my three peaks, but like you say, I need all the hard skin I can get til then! xx

  3. The recommended fix for the Blogger commenting problem seems to be unticking the "stay signed in" box on the sign in page. Give it a try - seems to be working for other people!

  4. Thanks Alex I shall give it a try. Hate not being able to comment.

    X x


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